• What you'll learn

    • How to be more confident and assertive
    • How to relax and enjoy yourself in social situations
    • The value of stepping out of your comfort zone
    • Effective ways to ask for what you want
    • How to connect quickly with strangers
    • How to embrace your personal power
    • How to handle rejection
    • How to love yourself (without touching)
    • How to embrace change and uncertainty
    • How to deepen your existing relationships

    Sample challenges from the course

    • Make eye contact with a stranger and don’t look away until they do first
    • Learn a simple magic trick and perform it for a stranger on the street
    • Have a 2-minute conversation with an imaginary friend in public
    • Ask for a freebie at a store or coffee shop
    • Give a stranger a genuine, elaborate compliment.
    • Shave your head or dye your hair
    • Flirt with the hottest guy/girl in the room
    • Eye gaze with your partner

    More about Niall

    Over the past decade or so I've learned a lot about fear and what it takes to overcome it. I was the shyest and most timid person I knew all through my teenage years and into my twenties, rarely taking any risks, always fading into the background. Eventually I got sick of living the forgettable, regrettable life and so started consciously stepping out of my comfort zone, forcing myself to confront my fears and move beyond them. Nowadays I still get scared, but I'm no longer a slave to fear. I run towards instead of away from it, doing such things as...

    You can read lots more about me over at my main blog, Disrupting the Rabblement, or contact me via niall@couragecourse.net if you have any questions about the course.

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